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Dear All,

Following on from our previous email, we have received a fair number of responses from members. The overwhelming majority of these messages have been very supportive and

we are grateful to everyone for the patience and understanding shown.

Alongside the many messages of support, there have been a handful of responses from members asking for more information relating to the temporary restrictions that will be in place in the early days of our phased reopening. This note seeks to address those questions and explain the reasons for using the phased approach to reopening.

The guiding principle which has informed every decision made in connection with the Club’s reopening is safety. We have carried out very detailed risk assessments of every aspect of the club and its operations and we have made countless adjustments, some large and some small, to the way things will be done in our “new normal” environment.

As well as increasing the frequency of our cleaning, we have changed the layout of the Club, and have installed hand sanitiser stations at every entrance and outside every toilet. We have provided transparent screens at the bars and we have provided our staff with up to the minute training on how best to perform their duties in the safest possible way.

All of this, of course, means that our staff will need a little time to adjust to the new procedures; from welcoming members to the Club and recording “track and trace” data, to providing

waitress service and safely dealing with all the many aspects of running a Members’ club.

To give them a chance to make these adjustments and for management to fine-tune operations where necessary, the decision was made to restrict admissions for the first few days to

Members only.

As soon as we are confident that everything is working well, we will begin the process of lifting these restrictions and getting back to something more closely resembling the way things were

before all our lives were turned upside down by the arrival of this awful virus.

We are a caring Club, and we want only the best for all of our Members and staff. Everything we are doing, we are doing for the benefit of everyone, and we thank you all for your patience

and understanding while we work our way through this. We will, of course, keep everyone updated by email, by Facebook and on the Club’s website.

To remind you: Friday 31st July, we are opening for Members only from 4 pm to 9 pm. Good news from the Chef – she will be providing food from 4pm until 8 pm.

On Saturday and Sunday we will be open from Noon until 6 pm and food will be available from 12.30 until 5 pm.

If all goes well this weekend, the Chef is planning a carvery the following weekend from 12.30 to 2.30 and possibly a BBQ from 3 – 5 pm, weather permitting of course.

Hopefully, everything will go to plan this weekend and thank you all for your continued support.

Best wishes

from the Committee