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Knowing this, of course, offers little in the way of comfort, as during their all too brief a stay here at the Club, they have become hugely popular with members and staff alike and I am sure that everyone who knows them will share the committee’s dismay at their decision to leave.

It is with a sense of real sadness that we must advise members that our Stewards, Ian and Karen, have accepted an offer of employment at the Hansworth Golf Club near Birmingham and will be taking up their posts there on the 27th May this year.  Ian has told us that they have made the difficult decision to leave because they have, quite literally, become the victims of their own success and have found that the popularity of their catering has caused the workload to have grown beyond their capacity to cope.

Nevertheless, all here will doubtless want to wish them well in all their future endeavours as we turn our attention to the recruitment and selection of their successors. They will be a tough act to follow.

All change again…..

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