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We are always keen to welcome new members of all ages to our friendly social club. If you would like to join, you should be proposed and seconded by existing members where possible. Prospective Members who are new to the area do not need to be proposed.

An application form is available at the Club bar, or by clicking the link below. While we don’t currently offer joint membership, you and your partner can apply to join the Club at the same time, and your applications will be processed together.

On receipt of your application form you will be invited to the Club for an informal interview where the benefits, charges, and rules of the Club will be explained. You can also find details of our fees here. Membership run for a calendar year (or 5 calendar years). Membership fees are reduced pro rata for members who join late in the year.

If you apply to join the Club, we strongly recommend you also join our email list, so we can send details of Club events directly to your inbox. To join our mailing list click here.

Club rules requires that members are supporters of the Conservative Party.

Benefits of Membership

Member benefits include discounted bar prices, free or discounted tickets for events (member tickets are typically £5 less than non-member tickets), free parking when on-site, and member-only room hire.

All members are issued with a secure electronic smart card to access the Club and gardens. The card can also be used to pay for food and drinks. Members also receive a car park sticker to display in their vehicle.

The Club is inter-affiliated with the Association of Conservative Clubs Limited (ACC), and welcomes members of other clubs who hold a current Inter-Affiliation card. Members can also obtain an Inter-Affiliation card and use this to access other clubs inter-affiliated with the ACC.


Families with well-behaved children are welcome at the Club.

At the discretion of the Committee, Steward, and Staff children are permitted on the Club premises during opening hours. Young children (children under 14 years of age) must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times. Young children are not normally permitted in the Lounge or Sports Bars after 9 pm.

Supervising adults may be required to remove children from the Club at any time if, in the opinion of the Steward or Bar Staff, they are likely to disturb other patrons.

Children are not permitted within the walled area of the bowling green unless invited.


Members are permitted to bring adult guests into the Club premises for a charge of £2 each per visit. The same guest shall not be admitted to the Club more than twelve times in a year.

This restriction does not apply to private room hire or Club events in the Concert Room that are marketed to non-members.

Please ask at the bar for the sign-in book.


Well behaved and controlled dogs on short leads are welcome in the Garden and Sports Bar including when food is served. Dogs must not remain at the bar. Owners are responsible for clearing any mess left by their dogs.

Dogs are not permitted in the Lounge Bar except briefly when transiting to or from the garden. Dogs are only permitted in the Concert Room for specific events as determined by the Committee.

Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas.

Standard of Dress

Members and guests are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of dress. Soiled work clothes should not be worn after 7pm.

Smoking & Vaping

Smoking and vaping is only permitted in designated smoking shelters located by the garden gate and in the garden away from any windows and doors. Smoking and vaping is not permitted on the patio or in the children’s play area.


The Club is an active member of Pubwatch. To ensure a safe and friendly environment for all our members and guests, the Club will not accept applications from anyone listed on the Biggleswade Pubwatch database.

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